tiger teasers cat toys

Our Story

Tiger Teasers designs and constructs safe, long lasting, high quality interactive cat toys that can withstand play with the largest of indoor cats. We are based out of Colorado, selling direct to the consumer through our online stores and at local events. Our toys are currently offered for sale in over 200 retail locations worldwide.We offer wholesale pricing to retail boutiques, online stores, shelters, show vendors and distributors around the world.

Hi, my name is Melanie and I am the founder and creator of Tiger Teasers Cat Toys.As most cat owners know, you can never have too many cat toys. We have many favorites in our house, but I was looking for a wand toy with more refined control. After searching local pet stores,national chain stores and the internet, I decided to build my own cat toy. Because my cat likes to eat things he shouldn't, and he gets into everything he can, safety was priority when designing the toys. I knew my cat preferred fur over feathers, and I desired a wand toy that was not only appealing, but also safe and durable.

I started brainstorming and designing and I came up with a couple really good ideas. After many trials and errors, the Lion Lure was born! I used synthetic fur and the best materials I could find because I love my cat! The toys passed extensive safety and durability tests, and everyone who tried one loved it! I quickly realized that I needed to make these toys available to cat owners everywhere!

Give our toys a try. We guarantee your cat will love their toys as much as our cat does!