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Lion Lure

Lion Lure cat toy Tiger Teasers
Wand colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue

The Lion Lure is a durable and fascinating cat wand toy that is sure to

"Bring Out The Lion In Your Cat!"

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Safest cat wand toy on the market!

Slide the Lion Lure through cracks and crevices, under doors and around corners for the ultimate at-home playground.

A quick flick of the wrist and it's game on!

The Lion Lure has a 24" slightly flexible acrylic wand that is extremely durable and can withstand the roughest of play with the largest of cats.

Acrylic wand is durable, yet lightweight, making it comfortable to use with minimal effort.

Metal wire allows you to mimic the movement of a small rodent which cats find impossible to resist.

The control you have with the wire allows you to strategically maneuver the toy.

Premium synthetic faux fur looks and feels like real prey

Faux fur toys appeal to a cats natural hunting instincts and senses and allows for an appropriate outlet for the natural prey drive.

Total toy length: 34"
Wand length: 24"
Wire length: 10"
Fur: 1" wide x 2" long
Weight: .7oz

Wand colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue