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As seen on Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell!!

Our Lion Lure is one of Jackson Galaxy's favorite toys used with his clients throughout Season 5.

Tune in every Saturday to watch Jackson Galaxy, the Cat Daddy, on Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell as he works his magic to help troubled owners and their cats.

Tiger Teasers' Bunnies earn 2014 FAVE FIND award in Modern Cat Magazine!

Lion Lure Mini is featured in the STAFF PICK - STUFF WE LOVE in Modern Cat Magazine!

Featuring our fur cat toys, the Lion Lure, Lion Lure Mini and the Bunny.

2014 Robin A.F. Olson www.coveredincathair.com Used with permission.

The wire on the Lion Lure is firm, yet flexible, allowing you to mimic the movement of a small rodent. It is the perfect cat wand toy because it allows you to strategically play with your cat.

Take yourself back, pretend you are a mouse or a rabbit trying to escape the cat....

Where would you hide?
Around the corner
under the couch or bed
around furniture, under the rug
through holes, cracks and crevices
in or around cat trees
use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.....

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"The Tiger Teasers interactive cat toy is the most durable and safest wand toy I have found to date."

See Dr. Neely's endorsement on our Videos &Reviews page.


See the Lion Lure in Action!

Watch Melanie's beloved Maine Coons go nuts over a Tiger Teasers' Lion Lure cat toy! The quality materials and tough construction can stand up to any abuse a feline can deliver!